Our Waters

An obvious consideration and something that should always be remembered: the health of the water courses is an essential condition for the survival of the fish and therefore inherently connected to our passion. We have no choice but to defend it. The Valsesiana Sport Fishing Society is committed on this front to prevent and counteract initiatives and behaviour that harm the environment.

Our Waters


The Sesia River originates from the glaciers on the southeastern side of Monte Rosa, at an altitude of approximately 3,200 meters. From its sources in Varallo, the torrent flows for about fifty kilometers, alternating between rapids, waterfalls, gorges, and deep potholes.

Our Waters

The biological quality of the water (Extended Biotic Index) is certified as either first or second class (out of five), indicating good or acceptable water quality throughout the Alagna-Quarona stretch of the S.V. P.S. Reserve. Unfortunately, the situation is not equally positive regarding the water flow of the river (and several streams), because in some sections, it undergoes abrupt reductions due to water diversions. This has dramatic consequences for the ecosystem.

The Valsesian Society of Sports Fishermen fights to ensure that the regulations governing the minimum vital flow (DMV) are always respected and advocates for the adaptation of barriers that hinder fish migration. The entire stretch of the S.V. P.S., from Alagna to Quarona, is classified as a Salmonid Zone. The dominant species are marble trout (trota marmorata) and brown trout (trota fario). The presence of marble trout and its hybrids with brown trout is reported starting from Riva Valdobbia and increases progressively downstream.

The presence of Rainbow trout (trota iridea) is consistent, but brook trout (salmerino di fonte) is sporadic. The grayling (temolo), exclusively of the Padanoo strain, is widespread in the stretch between Campertogno and Varallo. This fish has been subjected to a careful policy of protection and restocking by S.V. P.S. (Società Valsesiana Pescatori Sportivi). Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for more information.


All the tributary streams of the Sesia River, as well as numerous smaller streams, some with very low water flows, offer great fishing opportunities. However, due to the potential challenges of navigating unfamiliar locations, we recommend contacting our game wardens before venturing out. (Their contact numbers can be found in the Surveillance section and on the seasonal and daily permits).

Our Waters

The predominant species in all the streams are Brown trout (trota fario), often accompanied by rainbow trout. In the lower stretches, before joining the Sesia, and in some cases even further upstream, you can find marble trout and hybrids.


The western side of the Upper Valsesia is dotted with numerous beautiful alpine lakes of glacial origin, situated between 2000 and 3000 meters above sea level. Brown trout (trota fario) and brook trout (salmerino di fonte) can be found in most of these lakes.

Our Waters

There is an abundance of Rainbow trout (trota iridea) in some lakes, such as Lago Nero del Rissuolo. Alpine char (salmerino alpino) has been introduced into Tailly Lakes (Valle Otro) and Lago Camino. For fishing in the lakes, please refer to the Rules and Regulations for specific guidelines.

Touristic Reserves

VARALLO The tourist reserve of Varallo offers the opportunity for strictly catch-and-release fly fishing and along over one kilometre of the Mastallone stream, from its confluence with the Sesia River to the "Ponte delle Folle". The fishing conditions are favourable with many riffles, pools, and wide runs, making it an enjoyable experience. The waters are rich in brown trout (fario) and rainbow trout (iridea), but it is not uncommon to catch marble trout and their hybrids as well. The daily permit for fishing in this area costs €20.00.

Our Waters

SCOPELLO This stretch of the Sesia River spans one kilometre and 200 meters. It has deep pools and riffles surrounded by wide gravel banks. The river passes through the town of Scopello before flowing among the meadows again. From the three bridges that cross the river, you can see the abundance of trout and grayling inhabiting this section. This reserve opens every spring and allows various fishing techniques like bait fishing, spinning, or fly fishing without obstacles. Accompanying individuals can relax and enjoy the sun while you fish. In this tourist reserve, the standard permit costs €25.00, and you are allowed to keep up to 5 fish. Additionally, there is a daily catch-and-release permit available for €20.00.

Our Waters

ALTA VALLE SESIA TOURISTIC SECTION This is a two-kilometre stretch of the Sesia River in the municipality of Alagna Valsesia and is managed differently from the previously described sections. It opens every spring. This section is primarily stocked with brown trout (fario) averaging a weight of 3 kilograms per fish, including some even larger specimens. All fishing technique are permitted, and you have the option to purchase a permit to capture 6 fish (€32.00 for adults). Alternatively, a catch-and-release permit (€25.00) is available exclusively for fly fishing with single barbless hooks. Discounted rates are available for minors and for the purchase of 5-day permits

Our Waters

The reserves of supporting members

INTRODUCTION: Since 2017, the Consortium has entrusted the Valsesiana Sport Fishing Society A.S.D. (SVPS) with everything related to the management of sport fishing in the waters of the Mastallone stream (subleased by the Consortium itself), from fishing regulations to surveillance, from permit management to the organization of sports and educational events.


This reserve is the "special regulated no-kill fly fishing section on the Mastallone stream and stretches from the lower border of the municipality of Cravagliana with Varallo, up to the Pianaronda, Sassello, and Meula bridges. Access to the Reserve is allowed to supporting members (limited to 20 members) and, for the "green section" only (from the lower border of the municipality of Cravagliana with Varallo to the Selva bridge), to anglers with a daily permit available at local public venues. There are daily permits for no-kill fly fishing (38 Euros) and coup de soir (30 Euros, only on weekdays in the months of June, July, and August). A maximum of 15 daily permits are allowed per day, so it is mandatory to make a reservation with Mr. Cucciola Roberto at mobile number 347 8123280.


This reserve where all techniques of fishing are allowed, is exclusively for supporting members and extends from the municipalities of Rimella and Cravagliana, on the Land-Wasser stream from where it joins the Mastallone, up to the Madonna del Rumore.


Seven kilometres of uncontaminated waters on the Sesia River from Pila to Campertogno, rich in native populations of marble trout and grayling of the Padano strain, but also brown trout and rainbow trout. This is one of the most prestigious fly fishing reserves in Italy and only catch and release fly fishing is allowed. The reserve is open to the public on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and national holidays, with a predetermined date each year from April until the first Sunday of October, as well as on May 1st and June 2nd. Access is allowed by reservation only, with a maximum of 6 anglers at a time.

Permits: • DAY PERMIT 100,00 € • WEEKEND- 2 DAYS 180,00 € • BADGE with 5 ENTRIES 400,00 €.

For information, contact: Davide Badino (Fishing warden) cell. 347 4616606; email davidebadino@libero.it


Beautiful specimens of colourful brown trout, including large-sized ones, populate this splendid high mountain reserve. It stretches for three kilometres, from where it’s joined by the Dorca stream, just upstream of Lake Rimasco, to the Molino bridge along the road leading to Carcoforo. The reserve is suitable for all fishing techniques but particularly interesting for fly fishing.

Permits: Daily permits are only available from Monday to Friday (reservation required).


For informations : Roberto Calzoni (Fish warden) cell. 349 7630685


This is a high mountain reserve located next to the Egua reserve with similar characteristics. It stretches for about three kilometres, from the Buzzo waterfall to 200 meters upstream of the Quare bridge and flows along the road leading to Rima and is easily accessible. Roe deer and chamois graze in the meadows along its banks. Capturing fish in this reserve is always thrilling, with memorable catches of brown trout and rainbow trout.


Available every day (booking required): • 110,00 € ALLOWS THE CAPTURE OF 8 FISH. • 60,00 € ALLOWS THE CAPTURE OF 5 FISH. • 60,00 € CATCH AND RELEASE - ONLY FLY FISHING.

Information: Adriano Fraternali (Fishing companion /Guide) cell. 349 5423927